LeatherLeaf Publishing

Leatherleaf Publishing's staff has been creating and growing businesses for half a century. Our professionals have worked with authors, inventors, and others to create sustainable businesses by using the books and products they create as the foundation for the business they wish to form. We do this by helping them create the plans, systems, and structures that are necessary to finance, operate, and market their enterprise.

We are unique in our industry because not only do we show the entrepreneur what needs to be done to create their business, but our staff will actually do the work as well. We have found this to be the best approach because it provides freedom and flexibility for authors. With this approach, they can focus on using their talents to create their next book or product rather than learning how to create and finance their business. However, we will also provide our services a la carte if the client only requires us to meet specific needs.

We are compensated for our efforts through the payment of fees or royalties dependent on the needs of the client. In certain situations, we will also finance the acquisition of inventory and other balance sheet assets. Each arrangement is negotiated on an as-needed basis. Because of our willingness to invest in the entrepreneur's business, we are highly selective.

An example of how we provide integrated solutions for authors is Prissy Elrod. She came to us with one book and the desire to publish it. We created a sustainable business for her that can be seen by browsing her products on Amazon and reviewing the websites prissyelrod.com, faroutsidetheordinary.com, and prissysblog.com, which we created for her.

Prissy engaged Leatherleaf Publishing to create a business founded on her memoir Far Outside the Ordinary. We accepted her challenge by creating additional products to promote her book and enhance her business. We used these to develop a brand for her based on her Far Outside the Ordinary title and image. Leatherleaf Publishing is also promoting and licensing Prissy's brand by working with manufacturers to capitalize her success to sell more of their products. The brand continues to gain in popularity, as Prissy's Far Outside the Ordinary memoir and branded products experience strong sales.